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In my continuing study and expansion of my knowledge of VMware I wanted to go more in-depth on the tools under the covers.  The most important tool for performance tuning and troubleshooting is ESXTOP, which is similar to the TOP command in Linux but is geared toward ESX and ESXi installations.  Instead of regurgitating and paraphrasing what I have found, I will supply the links to the appropriate pages.

First off I find Duncan Epping’s page on ESXTOP outstanding.  Not only does he go through and sum up the counters from the ESXTOP bible, but he also gives you recommended thresholds.  This way you have a point of reference of to help you spot issues right-away.  He also goes on explaining how to run ESXTOP in batch mode and then how to interpret the data using Excel, ESXPlot, and PerfMon.  This is my goto page for immediate reference.

Next up is the ESXTOP bible.  I found two versions of this: one for vSphere 4.0 and one for vSphere 4.1.  I have NOT compared both of them; I have focused mainly on the 4.1 version as this is the environment I am currently supporting.  This page does a deep dive into the counters explaining what they are and how they are derived.

Then I found a handy little reference card that give a short summary of the most important counters to know.

Finally, I found reference to a PowerShell commandlet that allows you to access this tool via a script.  When I looked for more information I found some articles by LucD going in-depth on how to use the commandlet.

Look at these great references and let me know if I missed any other.

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