Using ThinApp with VMware View

VMware View administrator allows you to distribute and manage applications to View desktops and pools. In order to do this you must have the following requirements:

  • The ThinApp package must be created as a MSI.
  • The package must have been made with ThinApp 4.6 or later (or repackaged with)
  • The packages must be on a file server in the Active Directory domain that can be accessed from the View Connection server and the View desktops. Authentication and file permissions should support the use of computer objects. Read access should be given to the Active Directory group Domain Computers. Read and Execute should be given to users to allow for streaming.
  • ThinApp templates are used to group specific ThinApp application together to be deployed to a View desktop. The applications can be grouped by function, application, etc. Using ThinApp templates makes administrating the deployment of applications to pools much easier.

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