VMware View 5 Persona Management Notes

Persona Management is an alternative method of redirecting users data versus using Windows Roaming Profiles. This is good for those enterprises that have not implemented roaming profiles, Persona Management can be used within VMware View to manage the entire user experience. IF an enterprise has implemented roaming profiles you can still use your existing data configuration with View.

You cannot use View Persona Management and Windows Roaming Profiles to manage the same user data; but you can use them together to manage separate pieces of the data. This is done by specifying the files and folders in the Windows Roaming Profiles Synchronization policy.

Preferably, you should use Persona Management instead of Roaming Profiles to speed up logon and logoff times. At login, only the files that Windows requires will be downloaded. The remainder will be downloaded as needed. Changes to any local files or folders will be uploaded to the repository by default every 10 minutes. During logoff only files that were changed and not replicated will be uploaded.

For a Persona Management deployment you must install the View Agent with the View Persona Management option.  To enable Persona Management you must either import the ADM template into an Active Directory Group Policy Object (GPO) or import the template into the local policy of the template.  Next use enable the Manage User Persona option.  Continue by enabling and configuring the remaining policies.

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