My name is Doug Smith, from Upstate New York (3 hours north of New York City).  I have worked in the information technology field for over 14 years.  I am currently a VMware Certified Professional (3/4/5), a former CCNP and CCDP; as well as a MCSE.

I have always had a great passions for computers and technology.  It started when I received my first computer, a Commodore 64.  Learning about what an operating system was and programming in BASIC and even machine language (which was even a challenge on the 6502 processor).  I was later introduced to the x86 computers when I was given an IBM clone with a 486SX processor and VGA graphics.  It was this time I learned about Linux.  I downloaded a version from a BBS (Bulletin Board System) which took a few days on my blazingly fast 56k modem.  I also convinced a family member to get me a copy of OS/2 Warp.  Eventually i got into Windows where you could tell this was the future as they were giving it away with each new computer.

After sometime and a couple of computers later, I finally got the break I was looking for, I got a job at CompUSA!  (At least I thought it was great at the time).  While I did not plan on staying there too long it was a great time and I lucked out and met someone special who would later become my wife.  While at CompUSA, I was able to rekindle my passion for computers.  I learned about certifications and their importance withing the IT field.  I bought the Netwroking essentials book and a copy of Windows NT Server and started learning.  When I left CompUSA about 6 months later I left with my MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) certification.

I left to go work on an outsourced help desk for General Electric.  It was a great experience where I continued my studies and received my first MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) certification.