Passed my VCP 5

Today I passed my VCP 5 exam.  I now hold 3 VCP certifications.  Yeah!

Lunch with Duncan Epping

Had a great lunch at TAM day. talking to Duncan Epping about some of the in’s and out’s of vSphere 5. It was the best part of TAM day. Looking forward to the rest of the VMworld.

Competent Communicator

I did my last three speeches this weekend! I am now a CC for Uncle Sam Toastmasters!

Why did Apple leave out the clock App?

My iPad does not have a clock App? Why? I use my iPhone as an alarm clock, why not use my iPad? None of the third-party pay applictions can do it unless the application remains running. For the price of the iPad Apple should not be so cheap and should have included this.

Found an iPad Bug

If you play too many YouTube videos, the device locks up and you have to force a reboot!

UPDATE: This is a hardware defect, take it back to the Apple Store and they will replace it.