My struggle with obesity.

I have always been a “big-boned” guy all of my life.  It became significantly worse after I got married in August 1998.  I stand around six feet tall, and before marriage, I was around two hundred pounds.  After marriage, I did a yo-yo depending on how much I worked, if I had to travel for work, and so on.  My heaviest was three hundred and fifty pounds.  This was my tipping point and I knew for my longevity and my overall health and happiness I had to do something about. 

So stats my journey on “dieting”.  I tried Atkins, calorie counting, restricted calorie counting, Mediterranean, paleo, and even a little keto.  Most would work initially from anywhere from a couple of weeks up to 6 months, then I would hit the plateau and make no progress for weeks and out of sheer frustration, I would give up. 

Fast forward almost two decades later, I am having numerous discussions with my doctor.  His sage advice on the matter, “Lose Weight”.  I ask him how, citing everything I have tried.  He hands me a sheet with the outdated food pyramid and says try this.  This became a huge red flag for me.  I discuss with him medications or additional tests of which I get a response, “Go see a specialist!”  I leave that day knowing two things, no one is going to help me unless I am willing to make the change mentally and second my current doctor needed to be part of that change. 

I went home and had a discussion with LJ (my girlfriend), about my frustration and that I need to make a change.  She convinces me to switch to her doctor’s office as they will actually listen to me and depending on my findings put me on a plan for better health. 

After thinking about it briefly, I pulled the trigger and made the switch.  It took a month before my initial visit to establish a primary care plan. I met with Cheryl, Nurse Practitioner, we went over a LOT of my medical history.  Discussing family members and their issues, the specialists I have seen over the years and as to why what test I have known have been run and so on.  I talked with her about my obesity and everything I have tried.  Her response, it sounds like from your history and what you have described that your insulin resistant.  Let’s get a bunch of tests run and see from there.  This visit was almost an hour-long, I was shocked, as my previous doctor if we talked for more than ten minutes it was a shocker. I left feeling happy, I finally had a medical professional that listened to me.   

That weekend I went to get my blood tests done, almost four pages of tests that need to be run, thankfully that only translated into five tubes of blood. 

Another week goes by and I am at my followup appointment with Cheryl.  She is going through all the tests.  I found out a lot of stuff that my original doctor missed for never running these tests.  Out of all the minor things found, one thing stood out my insulin level is almost 2.5x normal level, while my fasting glucose and A1c are normal.  She tells me I am insulin resistant as she thought.  Now begins a new journey of attempting to get healthy and lose weight while using Victoza. 

Sometimes change is good!