Installing vCenter 6 – High Level Decisions

When installing vSphere 6, you have a few options.  The first being will you run on Windows or will you run the appliance.  In my opinion, you will be better off running the appliance version as since this environment is already preconfigured in the long run you will have a stable environment.  But if you have had no experience with Linux based operating systems before you may find it challenging, especially initially to support (especially when stuff breaks); so in that case go with Windows.

Your next choice you have to make is whether you will run your Platform Services Controller (PSC) Embedded or External. If you are a small site with NO intention on growing to a multi site, or have a huge needs for complete redundancy, or know you will NEVER need to expand, then by all means make life easy for yourself and install everything with the embedded PSC. Otherwise go with an External PSC.

Should you load balance your PSC’s behind a load balancer?  You can, there are pro’s and con’s for this decision.  First, if your PSC for a site goes down, no new connections can be established until either the PSC is brought back online or the vCenter(s) are repointed to another PSC.  So if you had at least two PSC’s per site behind a load balancer this would eliminate this issue.  So if you have a supported load balancer (F5 or Citrix) and you have a need for your PSC to have zero down time. Then i Would say go for it.

An excellent article on vCenter 6 Topologies is located here.  The PSC FAQ is located here.  And finally a list of recommended topologies are listed here.